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8 Foods that detox and purify our lungs

8 Foods that detox and purify our lungs

Lung is the most important part of our body through which we get oxygen. This is a part of our respiratory system. If the lungs are healthy then only the rest of the body can get enough oxygen.

The function of lungs is to extract carbon dioxide with the supply of oxygen to the body. When breathing, polluted particles and microbes present in the air with oxygen enter our body and affect your lungs. Apart from this, due to smoking and pollution, the toxins present in it get together and enter the lungs. Thereby causing many diseases including respiratory disease, allergies etc. It is very important to keep the lungs detoxes in order to protect them.

Let’s know, after consuming some things, we can clean our lungs.


Garlic - 8 Foods that detox and purify our lungs

Garlic has many types of anti-inflammatory properties. It helps fight all kinds of infections. Eating Garlic helps in asthma and decreases the likelihood of lung cancer.

Vitamin C containing diet

Vitamin C 8 Foods that detox and purify our lungs

Diet with vitamin C works to detox lungs. Kiwi, orange, lemon etc. citrus fruits are beneficial for healthy and strong lungs.


Peppermint 8 Foods that detox and purify our lungs

The anti-oxidant present in the pillarms is beneficial for keeping lungs healthy. This makes the path of the respiratory system easy by relaxing the meslas. This keeps the lungs healthy.



Muleti’s anti-inflammatory properties are very beneficial in removing lung infection. Mouth sucking in the throat, bad breath, difficulty breathing etc., the respiratory system becomes clearer. By which the lungs start to do their job easily.



Once a day drink ginger juice and a little honey in hot water. This makes the lungs easily detox. Do not drink it during the summer season.



The antioxidant of pomegranate easily cleans the toxins spread in the lungs. Eat 1 bowl of pomegranate in the day.



Herbs are very beneficial in keeping lungs healthy. Oregano is one of these, it reduces vitamin and nutritious histamine, which causes flow of oxygen through the lungs easily.

Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water

Take plenty of water to remove nicotine like toxins from the lungs. Drinking more water helps toxin out the body.