Why India

Why India

Why did we choose India?

India is poised to become a staunch country with medical facilities. After the tourism, patients coming from outside are now becoming the first choice. It would be right to say that in the future, India can become a hub of medical tourism. The Government of India is taking a lot of steps in this direction.

Ngufafak, 58, of Cameroon, who paralyzed half of his body, came to India for treatment on the advice of his friend. Nagufac’s wife says that for the first time we have come out of our country for treatment. There are better facilities for treatment here. The tools here are modern and the doctors are experienced.


India’s specialization | World Class Treatment at low cost

In Asian countries, India is currently at number one in terms of health tourism. Countries such as Thailand, Singapore, China and Japan are also now trying to woo such tourists. But due to the very low cost of treatment in India, with the availability of latest medical techniques and equipment, foreigners do not have language problems due to the fact that most tourists visit here. In India less than a quarter of treatment is treated at a cost, even walking is done. The foreign patients who come here to treat mainly the organ transplant, heart bypass surgery, bone marrow transplant.

Foreign patient

Apart from Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar, patients from other countries of Europe and the United States also come here due to the availability of world-class medical facilities in low cost. Due to the convenience of Visa on Arivalle for some countries, patients do not face any problem. Such patients can live in India for one month due to health reasons. Because English is common, foreign patients do not have to struggle with language problems like other countries here. Keeping in mind the patients coming from European countries, many hospitals have hired interpreters and translators. Dr. Rupali Basu, chief executive officer of Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, says, “In addition to organ transplants, patients from India come to India for treatment of heart bypass surgery and mouth and throat diseases.” She says that the cost of the treatment here is low and there is no need to wait. For instance, open heart surgery costs about $ 1.5 billion in India, whereas in foreign countries it is more than $ 18,000. Apart from this, patients in America and England have to wait at least nine to 11 months for this. But the process of surgery begins only after the patient is reached in India.

India – A Best Tourist Place

India is a great spiritual heritage and it is a mystery to most Westerners. India’s tourism industry has witnessed considerable growth in the last ten years, As per the figures from the United Nations World Tourism Organization, 6.65 million tourists visited India last year.The best time to visit India for foreign tourists are winter months. During the months of November to March, most tourists visit, with Europe and America being the highest. Winters are a better option if you are planning to travel to the desert areas or the northern states. Although those people who have visited tropical weather countries or can face the heat and humidity here, they can also plan their trip in monsoon. Some states of the country, such as Kerala, Goa and Assam, take a very beautiful look in the months of monsoon.

Popular attractions

How much you know about the famous places and things in India, they have no end. The Taj Mahal is a great attraction for the tourists coming to India and should not lose the chance to see this huge tomb built with marble, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The huge fort built in the Desert of Rajasthan too attracts the tourists very much and you look at them and think about how they were made. Nature lovers can enjoy Kerala’s beautiful Bakewater or enjoy sunshine on the vast beaches of Goa. The amazing inspirational sculptures of Ajanta Ellora also attract a large number of tourists.