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Brest Cancer in Men | These Symptoms Not To Ignore

Often breast cancer is considered to be a woman’s disease, but men may also have breast cancer. Men have very small amounts of breast tissue compared to women, but this does not mean that men do not have breast tissue. Men are also likely to have breast cancer. But this is very rare. In less than one percent of breast cancer, it occurs with men. Today, we are going to tell you about some of the symptoms that if you are seen in the body then you need to contact the doctor immediately. It can be breast cancer. Let’s know what they are –

The knot on the chest –

Men often ignore them when they have knot on the chest. It can be a sign of breast cancer. These nodes usually do not cause pain. As the cancer increases, swelling spreads around the cornea, the lymph nodes and the collar bone.

Sneezing inside the nipples –

As the tumor grows, the ligaments are pulled inside the brest. In this case, nipples begin to rub inside. In some cases, the skin around the nipple portion becomes dry. Nipple Discharge – Be alert if you see any type of stain on your shirt often. It may be a tea or coffee stain but if this stain appears on the same end of the chest, it can be a sign of nipple discharge. This is due to the leaking of the tumor’s fluid nipple.

Open wounds –

As breast cancer develops with tumor skin, in such a state of extreme cancer, you may see open wounds on your nipples. This means that you have ignored this cancer for a long time. Since men have lower breast tissue. Hence the tumor appears to be stretched out of the skin. This wound looks like a pimple.