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Daily Use of Aspirin Can Cut Down Risk of Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer

Daily Use of Aspirin Can Cut Down Risk of Liver Cancer : By taking two or more aspirin pills in a week, it can help to reduce the risk of primary liver cancer. The primary liver cancer is also known as hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). This information came out in a research. The address of HCC is usually found in the final stages, and then the average time of survival of the patient remains less than one year and it is considered the second largest cause of cancer deaths in the world. Researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital of America found that the use of aspirin continuously is capable of significantly reducing the risk of HCC. 

According to the researchers, taking two or more bullets of 325 mg in five weeks or more, the risk of cancer is reduced. University researcher Tracey Simone said, “Sometimes the risk of HCC can be substantially reduced by consuming Aspirin as compared to not consuming aspirin or aspirin. 

Aspirin Pills

We also found that increasing the dose of aspirin and intake of consumption reduces risk rapidly. “The basic risk factor of HCC is cirrhosis, which can be caused by hepatitis B or C infection, alcohol intake or non-alcoholic fat lever disease. For the study, the team has more than 70,000 people over 30 years Time analyzed data.

The participants in the study were asked whether they take Aspirin on a regular basis – in a week they take the standard dose of tablets (325 mg) and for how long. Taking two or more bullets in one week can reduce the risk of HCC by 49%. Apart from this, the risk related to people taking aspirin from five or more years can be reduced by up to 59 percent.