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Excessive use of mobile can be dangerous for health : Reports

excessive use of mobile

There are many types of dangerous diseases due to the use of mobile phones for long periods of time and radiation, such study has appeared many times. But this new study of ICMR will surprise you. Yes, ICMR and AIIMS are doing research on the loss of mobile phone use. In the initial phase of this research, it has come to know that the use of mobile phones can lead to biological changes inside humans. This is a huge disclosure. However, this study has not been completed yet. But in the coming years, people will see biological changes.  

AIIMS and ICMR are teaming up with a study in Delhi NCR. This study started in 2013 and was to be completed in 2018, but its scope is so big that it will take another 3 to 4 years to complete. This research is being done on 4500 people.

It has been found in early research that more use of mobile phones can lead to biological changes in humans. The doctors of AIIMS who are involved in this research said that these changes can not only change the ability to listen and meditate, but also change blood and harmonics. He told that people who are using the phone for half an hour and those who do 3-4 hours and who do more than that, are being researched in three categories of people. The biggest change that people will see in the coming years is that their reproductive capacity has decreased.