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Fat to Fit – These 3 drinks will shed Kilos naturally in a month

fat to fit

Fat to Fit – If you are overweight then these 3 drinks can be used for you. You do not need to leave dieting or food to lose weight . A media report claims that with the help of these drinks you can be reduced to 6 kg in just 3 to 4 weeks. Health experts, however, point out that weight loss decreases by exercising and taking healthy diets, but it is also true that daily weight loss and healthy eating with weight loss drinks will reduce weight and quickly. For this, you only drink these 3 ingredient drinks and your weight will start decreasing.

1- Take green tea with mint.

Green Tea
You must know that green tea contains antioxidants, which always keep you fresh. But you may not know that the weight of caffeine presently decreases weight. Actually, caffeine works like a stimulant in the body, causing fat burns and increases the ability to work. There is also catchin in the green team, which works to lose weight. At the same time, the Mint Dissation keeps improving. The combination of both will soon reduce the weight.

What we need
two tablespoons green tea leaves 
7 mint leaves 
1 cup hot water

How to cook
Pan boil with water and mint leaves. Let it boil for 5 minutes and then put green tea leaves. Then boil for 5 minutes. Then filter it in the cup and start consuming it.


2- Citrus Drink

Citrus Drink
A research in the US has proved that weight loss also results from the use of seasonal. By consuming it not only makes you feel more energetic but also increases hunger. On the other hand, pomegranate also benefits health. It contains B-complex vitamins. There is also a fiber, by which the digestive tract is corrected.

What to do
3/4 cup seasonal pick 
and a half spoon honey 3/4 cup pomegranate and salt

How to cook
Remove the seasonal and pomegranate juice from the help of blender. Then put it in glass and add honey and add salt as per your requirement. Mix it tightly and start drinking it everyday.


3- Coffee and dark chocolate

Coffee and dark chocolate
coffee contains caffeine which strengthens metabolism. This also leads to hunger. According to a report, coffee also contains chlorogenic acid, which reduces weight quickly. In various researches it has been revealed that Dark Chocolate contains ingredient giving enough energy. These contain fatty acids, which are helpful in fat burning.

What to do
1 teaspoon black coffee 
3/4 teaspoon grated dark chocolate 
half teaspoon linseed seed 
one cup hot water

Apply hot water and coffee in the coffee cup. Mix it properly and put the linseed seed. Mix again and add grated dark chocolate to it and drink it.