Patient Guidelines

1- If the patient is accompanied by his passport, it must be separated according to the latest decision in this regard in the countries of the world, and the State of India is committed to these instructions.

2- After receiving the visa from the Indian authorities, the patient must obtain an entry visa to India from the Indian Embassy by himself/herself, for such procedures as his/her personal identification and other information in accordance with applicable regulations.

3-The patient should take care of all the medical reports contained in the report from India when he goes to the Embassy, because the visa administration will ask him about them, if the patient in Saudi Arabia, and is not Saudi, he may need a letter from his sponsor and possibly from his country’s embassy too.

4-The patient must personally book the airline he wishes, and then send us a copy of the reservation to take the rest of the procedures in India before and after his arrival.

General guidelines for the patients

  1. About Doctors And Checkup

    On day first doctor will visit you for the checkup, once the checkup completed then the doctor will plan the final treatment according to your checkup reports. It is possible that the cost of the treatment will change according to the treatment plan. For example if doctor plans for the surgery then it begins from the following same day after tests are completed.

(kindly note that Sunday is a weekly holiday)

  1. The Hotel

Generally the hotel is situated near from hospital, shops and market. We book the rooms in the hotel for 3 to 5 days in case if you want to extend it you the bookings it depends on availability. The modification and cancellation is also possible as per the hotel policy. Let us know that one day is calculated here from 12 PM to 12 PM according to the Indian system of hotels.

Note:- In some hotels the times of Check in and Check out can be varied then it will be considered according to hotel policy

  1. Visa cards and other credit debit cards

International Credit, Debit and Visa Cards are generally accepted here with the withdrawal limit of twenty thousand Indian rupees in one day, but sometimes they are not working properly so we advise to carry some cash cash in the form of Indian Rupees or US dollars in order to bank holidays or in case if the ATM machine don’t work. The card can also be used online in hospitals, large shopping malls and hotels.

  1. Transportation

If you travel for the first time from Airport to hotel it will be free of charge by Getwell Medical Tourism you no need to pay for it. But transportation from the hotel to hospital or hotel to market or shops is at your expense. Taxis and their fare charges are listed below.

i – 300 INR or 4.5 USD One trip from the hotel to or from the hospital if within 10 km.
ii- 500 INR or 7.3 USD One trip from the hotel to the hospital if it exceeds 10 km and within 20 km.
iii-700 INR or 10.5 USD for 4 hours and 40 kilos or less.
iv – 1200 INR or 17.5 USD for 8 hours and 80 kilos or less.
v- If you exceed 80KM, take 200 INR per additional hour and 10 KM extra.

  1. Our representative

Our representative who speaks many languages will come to the airport to receive you and having a name plate with the patient’s name along with the company’s name (Getwell Medical Tourism) will wait for you at gate number four on the airport. The photo of the representative will be sent to you, enclosed herewith.

  1. Translator

We have a team of expert translators in every hospital. Our interpreter will assist you if there are some language problems.

  1. Patient Admission

In case of patient admission for the medical treatment/ medical management, fifty to seventy percent payment is required in advance or 2000 US Dollars in the process of admission and in case of surgical operation, the entire payment is needed according to the policy of the hospital.

  1. Admission Process

One the patient appears in the hospital the admission process begins which takes 1 hour or one asnd half hours according to the availability

  1. Discharge Process

The discharge process takes at least 2 to 3 hours in the most hospitals.

  1. Sunday Off

In India we have weekly off on Sundays but generally doctors visits the patients who are already admitted.

  1. Hospitals and Doctors Timing

The Non-emergency hospitals and doctors are available from 10:0 am to 5:30 pm.

  1. Currency Exchange

You can exchange your currency into Indian Rupees in the most of the hospitals and you can also change your currency from the markets and banks.