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How to Fulfill Vitamin B12 deficiency ?

The source of vitamin b12 is majorly animal products, so one thing that has been found in research is that it lacks most of the views of those people who are vegetarian because non-eaters are able to cure their deficiency But it is not that if you are not a muscular, then you will lack it because it is also found in some vegetarian diet as if

  • Speaking of vitamin b 12 foods, it is found in ground-growing vegetables such as potato, carrot, beetroot etc. but only in small quantities.
  • Apart from this, there are some things that you can include in your diet such as milk products, milk, yogurt, cheese etc., so that your blood is not lacking in your diet.
  • In addition to vitamin b 12 foods, butter, soy milk, tofu, sprouted seeds and pulses can be added to their diet.
  • Meat, vitamin B12 is found in very good quantities
  • Apart from this, if you want, according to your doctor’s advice you can also take supplements to remove vitamin b 12 deficiency . 

If you are taking supplements to meet the lack of vitamin B12, keep in mind that alcohol should not be consumed as it can cause problems for you in this condition.