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Daily Use of Aspirin Can Cut Down Risk of Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer

Daily Use of Aspirin Can Cut Down Risk of Liver Cancer : By taking two or more aspirin pills in a week, it can help to reduce the risk of primary liver cancer. The primary liver cancer is also known as hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). This information came out in a research. The address of HCC is usually found in the final stages, and then the a...

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Fat to Fit – These 3 drinks will shed Kilos naturally in a month

fat to fit

Fat to Fit - If you are overweight then these 3 drinks can be used for you. You do not need to leave dieting or food to lose weight . A media report claims that with the help of these drinks you can be reduced to 6 kg in just 3 to 4 weeks. Health experts, however, point out that weight loss decreases by exercising and taking healthy diets, ...

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This medicine can be effective in Cancer

Cancer Treatment getwell

London: Scientists say that the use of aspirin as painkiller may increase the chance of cancer patients to survive. Due to the use of this drug, the risk of spreading disease in other parts of the body may also be reduced. The researchers analyzed 71 medical studies, which saw the possibility of living 120,000 patients suffering from aspirin and...

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Follow these 7 tips to get rid of heart disease

Be physically active

Follow these 7 tips to get rid of heart disease - The number of deaths due to heart diseases in India is increasing rapidly. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking and genetic factors are increasing the possibility of heart diseases. Genetically predisposed heart diseases are more likely in the South-East Asian population . Rajiv ...

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These daily routines deliver spine damage

The spinal cord is very important in our body because it helps you stand upright, lift your weight and support the waist and make flexible tasks and also provides protection of the spinal cord. There are some everyday tasks that harm the spine, you must be aware of them. Causes of back pain The pain in the waist only after damage to the spine, a...

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