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Excessive use of mobile can be dangerous for health : Reports

excessive use of mobile

There are many types of dangerous diseases due to the use of mobile phones for long periods of time and radiation, such study has appeared many times. But this new study of ICMR will surprise you. Yes, ICMR and AIIMS are doing research on the loss of mobile phone use. In the initial phase of this research, it has come to know that the use of...

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Environmental Pollutants May Harm Your Kidneys – Studies

Some environmental pollutants that spread rapidly can have harmful effects on your kidney health. This has been warned in a new study. Researchers from the University of Duke of America told that on-end polyflowlichyl substations (PFAS) are a large group of non-biodegradable substances used in industrial processes and consumer products and are p...

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Sitting for long periods of work can be dangerous

If you work long hours and do not take any breaks, then this can lead to many health problems. Scientists have given this information. Need to be studied more and more on what could be the most effective and practical way to reduce continuously sitting. This information was given by Linda Iaines of the University of Texas in Rio Grande Valley in...

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Pain killer can increase the risk of heart attack: Studies

Heart Attack Getwell

The use of normal painkiller diclofenac can increase the risk of cardiovascular major diseases such as heart attack and trauma. A new study has warned about this. In this study published in BMJ, the use of Diclofenacis compared with not using any medicine, with paracetamol and other traditional medicinal preventive drugs.  Exposure to r...

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Often lasts behind the ear Pain can be a dreaded disease

Migraine is a typical type of headache. People with migraines regularly get headache visits. Often this pain is in the back of the ear and the eye or in a monkey. Well this pain may occur in any part of the head. This reduces the ability to see some people. Dr. Satnam Singh Chhabra, director of the Neuro and Spine Department of Sir Gangaram Ho...

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