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Often lasts behind the ear Pain can be a dreaded disease

Migraine is a typical type of headache. People with migraines regularly get headache visits. Often this pain is in the back of the ear and the eye or in a monkey. Well this pain may occur in any part of the head. This reduces the ability to see some people. Dr. Satnam Singh Chhabra, director of the Neuro and Spine Department of Sir Gangaram Hospital, believes that “Migraine has made nearly 20 percent of its women victims.” There is hardly any such person in our country, Who is not suffering from it Nevertheless, people do not take migraine seriously, nor do they offer proper treatment. Women are more likely to have this problem than men and very few women treat it. They treat it as a common disease and eat painkillers and continue to live without proper treatment. They ignore it until then. Unless it takes the form of a serious illness. ” 

He said, “It is a genetic disease, which can be caused by eating habits, changes in the environment, increasing tension or sometimes too much sleep, it can start at any time as a childhood, adolescence or adult. There may be a complaint of vomiting, dizziness, etc. If the treatment is not there, this pain can last for 4-5 hours. “

According to Chhabra, biofeedback, yoga, acupressure and regular exercise etc. help reduce migraine tourism. To avoid migraine should be avoided due to the cause of headaches, like listening to songs in high voices, staying stressed etc. At the same time, the use of painkillers should be minimized. Balanced routines should follow. Time to sleep and wake up. Exercise regularly Should not be hungry for too long. Avoid too fast and stinging light. ( Eat the empty stomach every day, see Raisim and see it within a week )

Chhabra said that the real cause of this pain is that vasodivletation is the spread of blood cells and the chemicals released by their pulse fibers, which affect these blood cells. Migraines cause pain in half of the head. That’s why migraines are also known as over-the-counter.