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These daily routines deliver spine damage

The spinal cord is very important in our body because it helps you stand upright, lift your weight and support the waist and make flexible tasks and also provides protection of the spinal cord. There are some everyday tasks that harm the spine, you must be aware of them.

Causes of back pain

The pain in the waist only after damage to the spine, and injury in the muscles, or injury to the spine, can cause back pain in the ligaments. There is also a back pain due to the slip disk because it has a pressure on the disk. This puts cartilage in the side so that the cartilage creates pressure on the nerves of the spinal cord, and it causes a lot of pain.

Other causes include osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia. If you do not have any of the above mentioned problems then your back pain may be due to some everyday work. So let us know what is the work of our daily life which causes the back pain:

Heavyweight Exercise

Heavy weight Exercise increases the bone density of the spine and the muscles around the waist and spine are strong. But if you take too much weight then it can cause pain in the waist.

If you think of the International Osteoporosis Foundation, you can lift heavy weight for 30 to 40 minutes in just four times in a week.

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Wrong posture

Due to mischief due to mis-alignment of spine, your spine can be damaged, which can increase the pressure on the knees. Stand upright to fix your pustur and sit straight and keep shoulders below. You can also do spine lininging stretch to improve your spine.

Phone capture method

A new study by Surgical Technology International has found that due to mobile phones, our spine exceeds 50 pounds of pressure and depends on the method of catching our phones.

When you look at your phone’s screen and are inclined, due to this position, the upper spine over comes in the flexed position, which has a bad effect on the spinal disk.

Talking on phone


Smoking can also cause damage to your spine. Nicotine prevents normal bleeding around the spinal cord due to which there is a back pain. This effect can be preemptive disc degeneration. Apart from this, smoking reduces the ability to absorb nutrients of the disc, which affects the health of the spine.


Taking less calcium

Calcium is very important for the health of bones and calcium is available in dairy products so they must be included in their diet. If you take calcium in a small amount then the body starts using calcium present in the bones and this causes the spine to weaken.

Less Calcium

To sit without a break

There may be back pain due to desk job. There is pressure on the lower part of the waist while sitting on the chair without waiting for hours. Keeping the waist in the middle of the middle or between the waist.



Some medicines can also weaken your bones, especially steroids. The more steroids you take, the greater the pressure on your body and the spine. The main effect of steroids is on calcium, vitamin D and bone of metabolism, due to which bones are damaged and their risk of breakdown or osteoporosis remains.


Sleep in the wrong position

If your gold position is wrong, it causes damage to the spine. Suppose you sleep on the stomach, then it is wrong for your spine’s health. It has a lot of pressure on the spine arc and neck, due to which there is pain in the joints, back pain and neck pain.