Cancer and Tumors

Cancer is of many types and can occur in different parts of the body. In its type, symptoms and preventive measures are different for all types of affected tissue and metastasis. If the cancer is caught in the first stage then there is a lot more chance of recovering it. But medical science has not been able to cure many types of cancer even today.

It is a condition in the body in which people’s cell growth is abnormal (abnormal cell growth) and it can also spread throughout your body. Sometimes there are cancer due to some tumors. But not every tumor causes cancer. There are many symptoms of cancer, such as abnormal bleeding, swelling in many places in the body, the occurrence of sudden weight, absence of bowel movement, etc.

There are some common types of cancer have listed below :

  1. Bladder cancer
  2. Bone cancer
  3. Bowel cancer
  4. Brain cancer
  5. Breast cancer
  6. Breast cancer in men
  7. Cancer of unknown primary
  8. Cervical cancer
  9. Head and neck cancer
  10. Kidney cancer
  11. Leukaemia
  12. Liver cancer
  13. Lung cancer
  14. Lymphoma
  15. Mesothelioma
  16. Melanoma
  17. Mouth
  18. Myeloma
  19. Oesophageal
  20. Ovarian cancer
  21. Pancreatic cancer
  22. Prostate cancer
  23. Skin cancer
  24. Stomach cancer
  25. Testicular cancer
  26. Throat cancer
  27. Thyroid cancer
  28. Uterine cancer
  29. Vaginal cancer
  30. Vulvar cancer