Heart disease

Like all the organs, the heart is sick for many reasons. Heart diseases are called ‘heart disease’ in common words, under which there are many diseases and problems related to heart, which have a bad effect on the heart. These include diseases like coronary artery disease, angina, heart attack etc.

Coronary artery disease

Its most common symptom is angina or chest pain. Angina can be recognized as a feeling of heaviness, abnormalities, pressure, pain, burning sensation, convulsion or pain in the chest. Sometimes it is also a mistake to understand indigestion or heartburn. Angina can be felt in shoulders, arms, neck, throat, jaw or back. The second symptoms of illness are small breaths. Pulpitation. Beats sharp Weakness or dizziness. Sweating may occur.

Heart attack

During heart attack, symptoms usually last for half an hour or more and are not comfortable with rest or medication. The onset of symptoms can lead to severe pain through minor pain. Some people have no symptoms of heart attack, which we call silent myocardial infarction. This is usually done in patients who suffer from diabetes. People who are susceptible to heart attack should not be late at all. Get emergency help immediately, because the immediate treatment of heart attack is very important. The sooner the treatment will be, the more likely the patient is fully cured. Feeling uncomfortable, pressure, heavyness or pain in the bones of the chest, arms, nudge or chest. Spreading comfortably to the back, jaw, throat and arms. Feeling full of stomach, indigestion or heartburn Feeling sweat, vomiting, nausea or weakness Too much weakness, Feeling anxiety or restlessness. Fast or irregular heartbeats

Signs of Heart Valve Disease

The symptoms of heart valve disease are not always related to the severity of the situation. Many times it happens that no symptoms appear, whereas a person has a serious heart attack valve, which requires immediate treatment. Occasionally it is also possible that the symptoms are very serious, the problem is also serious, but the discovery of a minor disease related to the valve is detected. Do not get complete breath, especially if you are doing your usual routine routine or lying directly on the bed. Feeling weak or unconscious Feeling uneasy in the chest Feeling pressure or heaviness on the chest while doing some work or getting out in the cold air Pulpitation (It can be felt as rapid heart beat, irregular heart beat, etc.).