Liver transplantation

In liver transplant a bad liver is replaced with a healthy liver. This is a sure remedy for serious patients of cirrhosis. This is a very successful process and more than 90 percent of people survive one year after liver transplantation and most of them survive five years later. Liver implants can save many patients of liver cirrhosis.

What precautions to avoid cirrhosis

• Stay away from alcohol and there is a problem then take some help.

• Talk to your doctor, regardless of any new drug, even if it is painkiller. Talk to your doctor even before taking any herbs, vitamins or nutrients. Some of these can damage your liver.

• If you have not already done Hepatitis A and B vaccine, then apply this vaccine.

• Use condoms while masturbating.

• Adopt a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise.

• If you are fat, then slowly lose weight.

• Lower fatty things and take more fiber stuff.

• If there are diabetic patients, keep blood sugars in control.

• If there is a possibility of lever related disease, contact the liver disease specialist.

Liver transplantation became the most common in the world too, and in India it is easier and cheaper.