Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine (traditional medicine) or folk medicine (folk medicine) developed by several human generations they have been able to sense through which to identify physical and mental illness differently from modern medical system use, prevention, prevention and treatment systems. In many Asian and African countries, up to 80% of the population is dependent on local conventional medicine in primary health care and only takes the help of modern medicine only after the treatment of those treatments. When the traditional medical style of a place is used outside of its homeland, it is called “alternative medicine”.

The world’s leading traditional medical styles include Ayurveda , Unani Medicine , Siddha Medicine , Ancient Iranian Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Korean Medicine, Acupuncture , Muti (Southern African Traditional Medicine), IFA (Western African Traditional Medicine) and other traditional African healing styles. Are included. Different areas of traditional medicine include herbal medicine , ethnomedicine , folkherbology (athneboteni) and physician anthropology.