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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Plastic and reconstructive surgery helps patients of all ages and types - ranging from the child with a birth defect, to the young adult injured in an accident, or the older adult with a problem caused by aging.

Preparing for Surgery

The type of preparation that will be necessary prior to your surgery will depend on what surgery will be performed and the type of anesthesia that will be administered.
Reconstructive plastic surgery may require multiple procedures done in several stages.
The following are considerations for you to discuss with your physician/surgeon prior to your procedure:
• Ask the surgeon to explain the benefits, risks, and expectations of the procedure.
• Discuss what type of anesthesia will be administered and what recovery time is expected.
• Inform your physician of any medications (over-the-counter or prescription) you are currently taking, as well as any prior procedures, history of chronic illnesses, and/or allergies you may have.
• Be sure to stop drinking and eating for the recommended time period before and/or after surgery.
• Be sure to follow any specific pre-operative bathing, shaving, or cleaning instructions.
• Be sure to discuss any post-operative instructions that need to be followed (i.e., changing dressings, post-op medications, follow-up appointments).
• Do not wear makeup the day of surgery, including nail polish.
• Do not wear eye contacts the day of surgery.
• Leave valuables and jewelry at home.
• Advise the medical staff of dentures or other prosthetic devices you may be wearing.
• Be sure to arrange all insurance coverage prior to surgery, as many insurance carriers do not cover many types of plastic surgery procedures (particularly cosmetic procedures).
• Be sure to arrange a ride home after your procedure.

Surgical Techniques Used in Plastic Surgery

There are many different techniques used to perform cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, including the following:
• Endoscopic surgery
• Flap surgery
• Laser surgery
• Skin graft
• Tissue expansion

Head, face, and eyes
• Facelift
• Brow/forehead lift
• Eyelid lift
• Ear pinning
• Ear reshaping
• Hair replacement surgery
• Nasal surgery
• Nose reshaping
• Chin, cheek, or jaw reshaping / facial implants
• Lip augmentation
• Cleft lip and cleft palate
• Craniosynostosis (craniofacial anomaly)
Mouth and teeth
• Oral and maxillofacial surgery
• Breast augmentation
• Breast reconstruction
• Breast reduction in men with gynecomastia
• Breast lift
• Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
• Liposuction Hand and upper limb
• Chase Hand & Upper Limb Center
• Chemical peel
• Dermabrasion / dermaplaning
• Collagen/fat injectable fillers
• Botox/filler injections (restylane, radiesse)
• Glycolic peels
• Laser peels
• Vein removal
• Scar revision
• Tattoo removal