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Best Neorology Treatment

Neurology Treatment

Our neurology department is comprised of eminent neurologists and neurosurgeons who provide personalised care for diagnosing, treating, and managing several neurological disorders affecting the brain, spinal cord muscles, and nerves. We have an integrated team of top neurologists in Hyderabad, including neuro physicians, interventional neurologists, migraine and headache specialists, pediatric neurologists, neurooncologists, neurophysiologists neurosurgeons, physical and occupational therapists, rehabilitation experts and pain management specialists.

Some of the clear signs that indicate that you should visit a neuro specialist are:
• Persistent Dizziness
• Variations in sensations or emotions
• Difficulties with balance • Headaches
• Emotional Confusion
• Muscle Fatigue
• A persistent sense of heaviness throughout the head

We also offer post-treatment counselling for patients who need more upliftment emotionally to cope with their condition. We have a tem of the best neurologists in Hyderabad who have performed extremely complex treatment procedures with 100% success rate.